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Marketing and Branding Coaching

Marketing coach

Our CEO, Fadi Gargas, is a marketing coach and a brand-building expert who executes innovative commercial strategies that boost corporate value proposition and profits, literally leaving the competition behind.

His legacy comes from a unique ability to assess a person marketing performance against potential, set goals, then work cross-functionally to identify inefficient marketing and management practices and re-align core competencies to expand markets, support field sales and distribution channels, improve customer insights and multiply top and bottom lines and market share and brand equity.

Fadi has worked with top decision-makers from 41 nationalities in 11 countries on 3 continents; and can adapt to different cultural backgrounds, personality types and management and negotiation styles. He proved himself capable of rallying a diversity of characters around coherent goals.

His strengths have contributed to successfully serving 105 assignments in the last 21 years as a marketing and brand consultant. On average, he placed my customers on 3-year growth curves that exceeded 60% a year in the first year after my employment. Half of this increase came from cost savings and the rest from a stronger market presence.

Call The Seven Wise Men to arrange a free 20-minute telephone consultation.  Have a chat with Fadi to see how professional coaching can help you or your team.

A defined career. An Actionable Plan.

A career veteran should be able to condense their skills and achievements into a single defining sentence. The Seven Wise Men’s top marketing coach considers anything else as “work-in-progress”.

Our career guidance in Dubai will assist you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to propose an actionable plan that can seize appropriate opportunities.

Leadership and Executive Coaching Can Help You

The Seven Wise Men’s marketing coaching helps in these key areas:

A. Self-identity And Relationship-improvement

  • Personality Type Analysis
  • Multi-Cultural Expertise
  • Communications Skills
  • Organizing, Staffing and Leading skills

B. Skill-set Analyses

  • Per Function (Marketing and Branding)
  • Mastery of technical expertise
  • Negotiation Skills

C. Career strategy and Development

  • CV Composition
  • Personal Image and Positioning
  • Compensation Packages
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Database of Top Recruiters
  • Professional Certifications

D. Functional responsibilities

In all confidentiality, Fadi provides advise and practical assistance to further your ability to perform your current duties and responsibilities towards your employer and/or customers to the highest performance standards.

Program Details

Details of the marketing coaching program are available here.

Call The Seven Wise Men to arrange a free 20-minute telephone consultation. Have a chat with Fadi to see how professional coaching can help you or your team.