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Naming a Business or Product


For many different reasons, generating an attractive company name can be a nightmare for many.

A commercial name is the first thing a prospective client hears or sees. It is your first point of contact with prospects, and must make an instant impact and be memorable.

Take guessing and randomness out of naming a new company, or when re-branding an existing one.

At The Seven Wise Men, we attach considerable attention, time and efforts to achieve that for many reasons:

  • A business and product name are key parts of corporate and product identities
  • A name also plays a big part in labeling and packaging design, which are key success factors in merchandizing (and sales as a result)
  • It can instantly communicate uniqueness and the reasons why prospects should buy from you
  • A commercial name must be flexible enough to account for future brand and/or product extension and architecture and long-term growth
  • It makes it possible for you to be first in the mind of buyers
  • It affects how your brand and product are perceived in the market and by industry peers
  • It allows you to own a single space in a buyer’s mind

Based on your company’s objectives and expectations, The Seven Wise Men engages an appropriate mix of tools (marketing, advertising and brand-building) to decide upon the right naming strategy. After that, your advertising and marketing people can take the new name and disseminate it.

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Top priorities on our mind when generating a new commercial name
content distribution

A commercial name allows you to create a strategy to disseminate your marketing themes and message through different channels. If not, when you leave it up to a non-specialist to develop a commercial name, you are sure to be wasting huge marketing and sales opportunities.

The Seven Wise Men is dedicated to delivering a small but vital element of your business strategy, ensuring brand and product success. Naming strategy comes naturally to our team of experienced business, marketing and branding specialists.

A name must tell part of your brand’ story.

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The Seven Wise Men has created its own strong brand name. If a marketing consultancy cannot clearly develop its own strong brand name; would it do a better job in handling other peoples’ companies?

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