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How to Create Good Hook Points and Ideas that Stick in the Mind

how to convince people

This article walks you through how to create hook points that capture attention in the 3-second world in which we live.

An excellent hook points that sticks in the mind is simple, short, and authentic. It’s also unexpected, easy to understand and profound.

A good hook is clear and concreate and stirs imagination; it provides a solution and build credibility. Such a memorable idea is relatable and original, not seen anywhere else.

To be effective, an idea that sticks in the mind should create an emotion and manage to persuade people, gently, in order to make it popular and to become a social currency.

Finally, a good idea that lasts in the mind must be easy to communicate; one that makes people feel safe to use a service or a product because the benefits far outweigh the cost of inaction.

A hook point can be comprised of a text (i.e. a phrase, title or a piece of copy), an insight (from statistics, or an expert’s point of view), a concept/idea or a format (an image or video), a personality or performance (e.g. music, sports) or a product/services, or a combination of some or all of these elements.

Hook points are especially helpful for standing out in today’s world and are essential tools for helping you compete with click-baits.

A hook point can be the same as the Key Value Proposition (KVP), Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or a tagline if you use either one of them as a hook point to get people’s attention; but this is a rare thing to happen as a matter of fact.

Nowadays, the average person is exposed to 4,000 – 10,000 ads per day due to digital and mobile platforms. Access to this vast amount of information is a gift, but it also creates a problem – most people feel inundated, overwhelmed and stressed out because of the sheer magnitude of content flowing to them on daily basis. This has led to a phenomenon where human attention spans are getting shorter. This post present marketers with serious solutions on how to get you past all the noise.

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