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Reconnect marketing strategy to shareholder wealth

marketing due diligence

This article discusses what marketing should be doing versus what marketing is doing.

Marketing should be focusing on core matters instead of focusing almost exclusively on promotions and tactics.

There are 4 principles for an effective marketing strategy:

  1. Segments and positioning
  2. Customer preference
  3. Superior returns
  4. Shareholder value

World-class marketing and product strategies earn their place at the high table of the board of directors.

Investors don’t contemplate making any new investment without proper financial due diligence. But when it comes to marketing due diligence, many baulk knowing that the greatest risks for most organizations lie in their largely poorly reviewed marketing strategies. 80% to 90% of business failures are traced to weaknesses in marketing.

At its core, marketing due diligence is a risk management exercise. It uncovers potential threats and undisclosed details relating to marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is often implicit and unclear even to those who need to implement it. Marketing due diligence explicates your strategy in clear terms to those who are tasked with implementing it.

Do you feel that your marketing spending is expensive, untouchable, and slippery?

We can help.

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