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Top investment ideas in the UAE

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Deciding where to invest and in what requires careful planning.

When it comes to new investment ideas, every investor is unique and has particular demands, expectations and preferences; the end-goal is to boost the value of the portfolio of assets.

Many investors make late entries into industries or products and services that are at their maturity or decline phases; when entry barriers are low; margins had eroding and competition got fierce.

As a result of walking beaten paths, investors are forced to apply excessive cost-cutting measures that compromise quality, image, reputation and revenues.

Shrewd investors keep an eye out and pulse on the markets, scanning the landscapes for new investment opportunities. They predict the desired outcomes taking into consideration upcoming trends of buyers’ expectations, needs and desired benefits.

Based on profound internal and external analyses, and accurate and reliable forecasts, wise investors evaluate if their portfolios and support structures are adequate to properly manage a new investment in order to turn a profit, or seek the assistance of a business consultant to recommend if new structures and resources are needed.

Investors who identify market gaps and seize them early on, before others catch wind, reap the most revenues and profits and can control the future direction of that commodity. When the competition catches on, the early birds move on to greener pastures with the aim of keep raising the values of their portfolios.

top investment ideas

Investment ideas

Most promising investment ideasMost promising sub-investment idea (or sector)Target territory
Oil and gas UAE
Healthcare, hyper-personalized medicine and life sciences UAE
Renewable energy and clean technologies UAE
Construction and infrastructure UAE
Finance UAE
Retail and wholesale UAE
E-commerce UAE
Agri-tech UAE
Manufacturing UAE
Fintech UAE
Logistics and supply chain UAE
Entertainment, media and broadcasting UAE
Space technologies UAE
Medical tourism UAE
Cybersecurity UAE
Information accuracy verification UAE
Privacy technologies UAE
Citizen engagement technologies UAE
Education UAE
Smart transportation UAE
Water technologies UAE
Genetics UAE
Tourism UAE
Biopharma UAE
Creativity and design UAE
Professional services UAE
Consumer electronics UAE
Real estate UAE
Travel and tourism UAE
Facility management UAE
Maintenance UAE
Cryptology Digital signatures Worldwide
Time stamping Worldwide
Secure networking and communications Worldwide
Disk encryption Worldwide
Email safety Worldwide
Block-chain Financial anti-fraud Worldwide
Record management Worldwide
Big data Worldwide
IoT Worldwide
Data storage Worldwide
Compliance oversight Worldwide
Taxation Worldwide
Transparency in fund-raising Worldwide
Voting Worldwide
Record management Worldwide
Supply chain Worldwide
Healthcare tracking Worldwide
Music royalties tracking Worldwide
Nanotechnologies Medicine Worldwide
Electronics Worldwide
Foods Worldwide
Fuels Worldwide
Solar cells Worldwide
Batteries Worldwide
Space Worldwide
Air/water quality Worldwide
Chemicals Worldwide
Sporting goods Worldwide
Fabrics Worldwide
Games Worldwide
E-sports Worldwide
Novel materials Worldwide
Robotics Worldwide
Acoustics Worldwide
Packaging Worldwide
Social science Worldwide