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The “Chrono/Substance”

A High-Impact and Timed Framework to Prompt Performance and Substance

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A company may have invested in new technologies and may have put in place new processes but managers remain frustrated with the huge difference in speed at which their workplaces evolve compared to those of the competition and the markets.

Resistance to change is one of the key obstacles that stand in the way of corporate restructuring, brand overhaul, process improvement or re-engineering.

Regardless of how good a new system is on paper, the key obstacle that companies face is resistance to change. People are highly likely to hesitate, doubt and resist change especially when they have vague ideas about the risks they may be undertaking and the repercussions on their duties, incomes and careers. Technologies and profits are essential, but the former becomes obsolete very quickly and the latter follows the laws of diminishing returns. Developing local knowledge and resource is the more durable power that has continuously uplifting and restorative effects on businesses and economies.

Prompt Performance: The Framework

The Chrono/SusbtanceTM framework is a proprietary technique developed by The Seven Wise Men to fix and streamline current processes and structures while gaining overwhelming internal and external support. By focusing on a selection of tasks, we enable those to act like a locomotive (which reacts promptly to new stimulants and triggers).

Our methodology is based on decades of turning around performances in B2B and B2C environments. It sets the requirements to produce Substance (a quality product or service) against a realistic timetable, while laying down the building blocks for success and growth path right from the inception phase (i.e. start-up, brand overhaul or corporate re-structuring).

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Uber Advantages

The Chrono/SusbtanceTM integrates people and departments in an organization. It is guaranteed to:

  • Set goals and sub-goals, metrics, cost estimates and an action plan to hit specific milestones month after month
  • Set the tone to fully integrate short and long-term plans
  • Schedule your expansion plan in phases, and gradually decide when is the time is right for you to take the next step, or not
  • Lay down a flexible growth plan that guides your company’s culture, structures, processes and mechanisms
  • Gain strategic advantages over your competitors
  • Realize invaluable savings in time, capital and efforts
  • Boost image, reputation, and credibility and peer recognition
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Whether or not you plan on building a strong brand; the work (to produce that product or service) is already being done – So, why not sow the seeds of success right into the DNA of your company’s culture and systems and procedures, and hit a few high notes simultaneously?

Exceptional Features

The Chrono/SusbtanceTM provides these unique features:

Go straight to the root origins of a firm’s weaknesses to solve them
Gather exact data and metrics and then set new goals and plans
Core values will run through the veins of all departments and be communicated
Who will do what, and at what time will be clearly set and monitored
Rally the troops around coherent sub-goals and overall objective
Turn around in performances and results starting 1 to 2 months of our involvement
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