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Advertising and Marketing

advertising and marketing

Client attrition rate is the thing advertising and marketing companies fear the most.

Media companies put up with fierce competition because they mostly target the same pool of big spenders. Proving R.O.I. on creative campaigns is often difficult and attrition rates are high. For many reasons (budget restraints, creativity, quality of work, return on ad spend, miscommunications and misalignment of goals), advertisers have the habit of switching from one media company to another every 6 to 12 months.

Usually, small and medium-sized clients don’t represent enough revenues to make it worthwhile to cover the bigger agencies’ high overheads, administrative expenses and capital-intensive investments.

How We Create Value in Advertising and Marketing

  1. Assist a company to achieve scale when qualifying new potential accounts.
  2. Maximize the value of an agency’s “Value-creation” process; and audit the complexity and ingenuity of designs, customer service and the volume of products and services that an agency had launched with success.
  3. Identify an agency’s core strengths and capitalize on them. Whether it’s storytelling, interactive media, user generated content, or programmatic.
  4. Craft the perfect value proposition for your target market.
  5. Reduce attrition rates.
  6. Place focus on key services that enjoy high margins and demand, and those that anticipate future trends.

The Seven Wise Men assists media companies to be nimble and flexible in an industry that moves fast and changes directions still faster because of the constantly-evolving technologies and creative trends.

Explore The Benefits

When you hire The Seven Wise Men to create value, you can expect benefits like:

  • Higher closing rate
  • Wider customer base
  • Confidence to win big clients
  • Higher penetration rate in selected niches
  • Higher average of contract value
  • Lower attrition rates
  • Fail-proof delivery

The Seven Wise Men assists its media clients avoid offering a wide range of services that eat up resources, leaving them with low margins and poor brand positioning. We appreciate the fact that the lifeline for any business in this field is its ability to execute and deliver tangible results.

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