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A lot of consulting and coaching professionals find it very challenging to attract new prospective clients due to extensive competition. Prospecting and managing the sales cycle efficiently are the two most important obstacles that prevent professional business service providers from reaching their full potentials.

As a consulting company, The Seven Wise Men is uniquely positioned to assist a consultant or a coach to crystallize his or her core skills, to develop the right themes and messages and positioning strategy, and then to communicate them using the right channels in order reach the right targets.

How to Create Value in Consulting and Coaching

The Seven Wise Men assists a consultant or a coach to create and perfect the art of creating bespoke and genuine value at every point of the proposal management system. Our contribution directly impacts:

  1. Prospecting procedures (how to collect and mine database, how to hone the art of direct marketing, and how to by-pass gatekeepers. In addition to how to identify the right decision-maker, and qualify and score a sales lead)
  2. Sales cycle management (how to get the right client brief, and how to negotiate with purpose and direction and how to sharpen your content strategy and business writing skills. Of great importance too are nurturing relationships, countering arguments, and converting leads into contracts)
  3. Pre-proposal
  4. Pricing your service
  5. Negotiations and closing
  6. Client servicing (customer satisfaction, repeat orders and referrals)

Explore The Benefits

  • Minimize time to prospect for new clients
  • Wide customer base
  • Higher average contract value
  • Higher frequency of purchase
  • Differentiated positioning
  • Build a personal and/or corporate image
  • Minimum time and costs and efforts
  • Maximum survival chances

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