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One keyword resonates the loudest with the vast majority of educational institutions; Enrollments.

When looking to boost enrollments, we consider different types of students who are driven by a variety of incentives (i.e. the prestige of an institution, academic programs, campus life or foreign students).

How We Create Value in Education

  1. Integrate Technology and Education in a way to make this integration organic, genuine and grounded.
  2. Encourage an institution to employ the best and brightest minds to educate.
  3. Create valuable and individualized learning experiences for students who look for more meaningful and useful education.
  4. Position an educational institution as a center of excellence and thought leadership.
  5. Provide adequate marketing communications about the campus, faculty and majors along with visiting tours, and scholarship plans.

The Seven Wise Men segments target audiences based on factors such as the course they might be interested in, their age and their desired outcome. For example, someone who is looking at vocational courses is likely to be interested in employment opportunities resulting from the course, whereas science students may be keen to know about the quality of the facilities available to them and part-time students could be interested in hearing about how flexible the class scheduling is.

Sometimes, we aim to communicate enough information and create hype about a highly-specialized program at an early stage – when students are still in schools where high-school teachers still had influences over pupils’.

Explore The Benefits

When you hire The Seven Wise Men to create value in education, you can expect benefits like:

  • Enhanced reputation for excellence and value
  • Increase in enrollments
  • Attracting best-in-class faculty
  • Dynamic curriculum updates and new courses
  • Earning higher tuition fees
  • Reaching financial stability in a shorter time

Our advisors have worked with a wide range of educational institutions spanning from schools, to universities, vocational training institutes, and technology-based learning.

The Seven Wise Men has been assisting many educational institutions move from low-capacity classes to sprawling complexes; and turned quiet environments to lively campuses.

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