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Freight and Logistics

freight and logistics

Traditionally, consumers view freight and logistics as a highly technical, opaque, and complex service. In their minds, “it’s just another delivery”.

On the other side, many freight forwarders struggle with customizing the size of their companies, presence, and time management with the expectations of targeted audiences. Poor customer perception and an inability to track individual tasks in order to achieve economies of scale often lead to poor costing and pricing policies, and diminishing profits.

How We Create Value in Freight and Logistics

  1. Identify loss-inducing routes and update standard operating procedures as frequently as needed.
  2. Evaluate the adoption of new technologies (i.e. Automation, advanced digital and telecom solutions, and navigation capabilities).
  3. Activity-based costing policies (instead of those based on historical levels or matching the prices of the competition).
  4. Recommend the right mix of services (air, sea and land-based) and the introduction of new ones (i.e. light assembly, kitting and outsourcing etc.) that are at different stages of their life cycles).
  5. Achieve scale, and manage capacity rigorously on the vast majority of routes. Success is mostly due to fully utilizing lanes (by pooling enough orders from various customers) and not the total network size.
  6. Improve loyalty by providing advisory services to end-users, offering insights into how to improve existing procurement processes, and then helping them design and execute new ones.
  7. Adopt the right commercial strategy by comparing the benefits of vertical and horizontal integration strategies to the complexity and particularities of a specific industry (i.e. the supply chain for a retailer is quite different to that of a high-tech company).
  8. Propose ways to seamlessly integrate freight companies with their customers to become true business partners and part of the customers’ workflows, attaining a level of trust that increases customer retention.

Explore The Benefits

When you hire The Seven Wise Men to optimize your value creation process in the freight and logistics industry, you can expect benefits like:

  • Lower operating costs
  • More transparency, visibility and demand
  • Advanced organizational structures
  • Higher profitability
  • More economies of scale
  • Higher penetration rate in selected sectors
  • Better positioning
  • Ability to demonstrate value to clients
  • Dynamic and well-informed strategic planning

The Seven Wise Men enables logistics companies to communicate their services to end-buyers as a source of competitive advantage instead of continuing with the traditional view of being viewed as cost centres. In other words, an efficient logistics company can offer lower rates to its clients and faster deliveries, which equals lower costs of purchases and shorter lead times. This change in perceptions opens up valuable growth opportunities in terms of gaining preference, demand and loyalty.

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