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Leisure and Wellness

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The health and wellness sector is mostly polarized between large scale facilities and boutique venues. While both categories must appeal to guests, they share two other features:

  • Both are costly to run and to maintain.
  • Guest experience, efficiency, financial stability and admissions are the buzzwords for organizations in this industry.

How We Create Value In Wellness

  1. Continuously innovate and maintain high standards, particularly in areas such as the mix of attractions, the service assortment, visiting incentives, interesting sales packages and promotions, hygiene, guest safety and loyalty.
  2. Attract new guests in addition to repeat visits and an increase in average length of stay.
  3. Extend demand to many of the venue’s other services instead of only a couple of them that peak during a limited number of days per week.
  4. Multiply footfall at all times to avoid fluctuations in attendance, and in the utilization of the facility.

The Seven Wise Men has worked on many projects such as theme parks, hotels and spas, museums, meetings, incentives, conference and exhibition centres, sports facilities, resorts and cinemas and camping sites. We worked with customers on successful development and refurbishment projects of different sizes and complexity.

Explore The Benefits

When you hire The Seven Wise Men to create value, you can expect benefits like:

  • More enjoyable guest experience.
  • Increased frequency of visits and spending per members.
  • Increased sales from new memberships.
  • Revenues generated from independent travelers and tourist groups.
  • Revenues created from corporate and conference groups.
  • Increased average spending per customer (per type of treatment and retail sales).
  • An increased number of tour operators that promote the venue.
  • Improved visibility and brand recognition.
  • Proposals for new services, therapies and treatments.
  • Fewer quiet days through the promotion of special packages.
  • Development of the right financial and non-financial incentives for tour operators, tour guides and conference groups.
  • Strong value of the franchise network.
  • Financial stability and new sources of revenues.

Our advisors are experts on assisting clients to position their businesses based on benefits to visitors instead of focusing on the venue’s facilities.

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