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Real Estate and Construction

real estate and construction

Real estate and construction is a very customer-centric industry and two keywords resonate loudly for companies in this industry: scale and image.

How We Create Value in Real Estate and Construction

  1. Assess whether or not the service mix and depth of a developer, contractor or construction company meets end-users’ goals and market trends.
  2. Predict the degree of a project’s success or failure based on the extent of achieving the buyers’ goals such as time, quality and costs.
  3. Use other measures such as functionality, efficiency, profitability, technical feats, health, safety and environment, lack of conflicts, image, user satisfaction, and social, aesthetical and educational aspects as secondary criteria to indicate how successful the project is.
  4. Identify if developers highlight their properties’ features in crisp, persuasive and motivational ways that justify collecting price premiums.

The Seven Wise Men can build an understanding between technical managers, project managers, engineers on the one hand and commercial and business development managers on the other. Our expertise in breaching the gap between data-driven engineering know-how and soft and customer-oriented expectations means we help you realize revenue targets and ambitions without sacrificing one for the sake of the other.

Explore The Benefits

HVAC contractors, wires and cables, walls and partitions, landscaping, and MEP contractors, in addition to metal fabricators at the high or mid-end of the market can expect benefits like:

  • Better positioning in the market.
  • Entry to new markets.
  • Increase in loyalty and repeat business.
  • Wider networks with developers, contractors and consultants.
  • Increase in number of key accounts.
  • Showcasing superior know-how.
  • Raising the average value of contracts.
  • Focus on higher profit margin niches.
  • More effective pre-qualification documents, vendor registration and bid management.
  • Satisfy the mounting demand for sustainable projects.

A Word of Caution

Buyers don’t invest in properties that don’t meet their functional goals or reflect their image, status, and self-esteem.

To create valuable properties, developers need to go beyond chasing trends and surface aesthetics. What vendors, contractors and construction companies sometimes don’t realize are the massive growth opportunities they miss by not aligning with end-users’ needs

The Seven Wise Men’s deep understanding of key forces in the real estate sector and homebuyers’ psychographic and demographic profiling uniquely enable us to recommend the best strategies that yield the highest returns.

Our team is proven that it can anticipate with a high degree of accuracy when the market may reach balance well ahead of time. We understand how speculators behave and when homeowners are likely to change attitudes.

  • Some property analysts speak of a shortage in supply for certain niches of properties.
  • Many facility managers complain about operational issues that could have been prevented at the design phase.
  • End users raise concerns about how sustainable their property is.
  • Urban planners look for diversity and creativity that is sometimes missing.
  • Construction companies are often less concerned with how a property will be used after being delivered.

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