Business Consulting

In Chasing Consulting Performance, 1 Thing Matters: Ability to Shape the Future – Not the Past – Reliably and Accurately

strategic business planning

Decision-makers often find it very chllenging to find the right consulting partner who has theoretical understanding (paper solutions) of what should be done, and, more importantly, the pragmatic expertise how to do it (doing the actions) on-site.

Top challenges businesses face

  • Dealing with future uncertainty
  • Reliable and accurate forecasts
  • Risk prevention and containment strategies
  • New value creation
  • Transformations and transitions
  • Financial turnarounds
  • Turnkey solutions

Assimilation (not Repetition) matters the most

Most business consultants mentally classify a problem only by superficial and overtly-stated features; and jump right in with memorized procedures that have proven effective in the past, in specific circumstances, and specific environments that are different to your company’s or anyone else’s. This “One-fits-all” approach to solution-finding drives the majority of business advisors to become single-minded, individualistic,

over-confident, and so entrenched in their own ways and beliefs that make them rigid under pressure. In life and business, no two moments or things are ever the same; circumstances are as individual as fingerprints. Over-learnt specialists tend to promptly lose purpose and direction in uncertain environments or when they face ill-defined new challenges. And when they extend their skills to face uncertainty, the results are negligible and the costs are exorbitant. Oftentimes, experts bend reality to suit theories instead of showing resilience and flexibility in the face of uncertainty, of which the future is all about.

Our ecosystem of performance

The future takes a free conversation, exploration, and questioning assumptions. Ideas grow from mere floating particles in the stream of talk, data, broad thinking, and wide perspectives.

Building on our world-class research, profound resourcefulness, systemic discipline, and actual knowledge how to take actions on-site, we develop innovative and timeless value propositions for every client we partner with.

The Seven Wise Men’s work starts from understanding companies, geographies, and people; not East or West, Local or Foreign, but a true grasp of:

  • The true worth of resources (technical, human, natural, and financial)
  • Localized competencies
  • Value-added creation systems
  • Internal and external potentials
  • Flesh-and-blood global citizens (People)

As a strategic business planning consultancy in Dubai, The Seven Wise Men is on the cutting-edge of understanding current contexts, planning, forecasting, implementing solutions, dealing with uncertainty while spreading risks around well.

We are a team of successful problem-solvers specializing in figuring out the deep structure of any problem you might be facing before proceeding to match a strategy to it. We take complex challenges; contain them, break them down, make them manageable and solvable before turning them into something useful.

How we make sense of the unknown

The Seven Wise Men makes sense of the regular and irregular surrounding us. We are not afraid of uncertainty and chaos; we see both as info sources and stimulants we can process and turn into order and results.

In uncertainty, we see cracks that let the light in and opportunities to monetize that will permanently multiply productivity and put you ahead of your competition.

We are problem-finders who discover new questions and then answer them. This investigative approach propels our resourcefulness and benefits you. We notice things others don’t and hit targets few can see. In minimizing risks, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Set unfolding events in appropriate historical context and not mix up short-lived phenomena with long-term processes
  • Look at qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Contain, break down and make sense of interwoven, social, economic, political, strategic and environmental factors
  • Correlate specific outcomes to specific events in “Cause/Effect” relationships in the past and the future
– Take knowledge from one domain and apply it creatively to another to avoid single-mindedness
– Know all the possibilities, think about the worst-case scenarios and eliminate the bad ones
– Come up with probabilities for what might happen
– Universal principles for dealing with issues that are of interest to Eastern + Western markets
– Look at broad measures of success that include financial outcomes (such as net margins and shareholder wealth…) and non-financial results (say, readiness to change attitudes, improved conditions and motivation to push the limits etc.).
–Research, write things up, show it to peers to stress test it, explore potential improvements, write things up again, stress test it again and so on until we get to the point of diminishing returns.

The hidden secrets of busting future uncertainties

With usWithout us
– Innate versatility to deal well with the unknown– Innate dislike for uncertainty
– Some of the most advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical and planning tools– Despite advances in technologies, forecasting and long-term planning are no more accurate now than a decade ago because of lack of understanding of qualitative factors
– We are more concerned with any innovation’s utility to create genuine and permanent new value– Others often equate creativity with innovation for innovation’s sake to justify big time spending and wasteful behaviours without creating real and permanent value
– Independent and objective perspective to express own point of view and cross-check findings   – Innate inclination to toe-the-line and conform to others for most of the time
– Thorough understanding of qualitative factors that have the most bearing on events   – Quasi-disregard of qualitative factors  
– Can predict directional changes and amplitudes – Can predict directional changes but not amplitudes  
– The closest thing to reality; error margin rarely exceeds 10% (in case of seasonal fluctuations) – Accuracy is only slightly higher than projections that are based on the previous year’s trends  
– Rarely miss periods of high growth, sudden changes of direction, shocks and contractions – Often miss periods of rapid growth, abrupt changes of directions, shocks and contractions  
– Ability to integrate broad events because our world is complex, interconnected, vulnerable yet robust, and rapidly changing – Think they have it all figured out through narrow-minded expertise  

Key advantages that set us apart

  • Speed, quality of work and ROI
  • Timeless and universal principles for dealing with issues
  • Trigger shifts of paradigms
  • Objective and independent perspectives
  • Tolerant and respectful communicators
  • Broad thinkers
  • Systemic innovators
  • Thought leadership
  • Performance-based fees*
The Seven Wise Men focuses exclusively on developing strategic business plans. Our service range doesn’t include ancillary functions as accounting and auditing, new business setup, ISO certification, financial analysis and human resources recruitment and training, or any other tasks. While these are important tools and services, we are a definitive consulting business, working to help you create a strong brand, and efficient and profitable company.

Excellence At Implementing Quality Management

The Seven Wise Men’s approach to implementing total quality management systems and good corporate governance starts one month after our involvement. Our team consists of top business consultants in Dubai who can make an instant impact in these functional areas:

– Organization development
– Operations
– Change management
– Management-By-Objectives (MBO)
– Performance measurement systems (PMS)
– Internal relations
– Total Quality Management (TQM)
– Activity chain analsyses
– Reward and accountability
– Business audit
– Risk prevention and management
– Supply chain optimization
– The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
– Management Information Systems (MIS)
– Production management
– Digital trasnformation (business models)
– Cost reduction programs
– Asset utilization
– Value chain analysis
– Management control systems
– Integration of business processes
– Analyses of non-financial performances
– Efficient use of labour, capital and technical resources
– Business planning, organizing, staffing and leading

A Most Effective Process

Business Consulting 1

Step 1 Situation assessment

We evaluate each department’s performance against potential, as well as workflows inside and in between divisions and people. Our assessments touch upon these key elements at first. Components of a strategic management plan:

Step 2 Data analysis
We collect data and insights from inside and outside the company, allowing us to measure current performances against potentials and benchmarks.
Step 3 Master planning
Before we begin work on a project, The Seven Wise Men ensures that ideas are carefully validated, and plans are well developed. We align needs across a company’s different divisions and people in order to eliminate bottlenecks, gaps and leaks. These are some of the most stealthy problems within a company, across the board. We set overall objectives and sub-goals, suggest ways to re-engineer and improve processes. A master-plan and detailed plans are put in place to delimit every individual’s tasks, actions, timetables and controls that eventually contribute to reach an all-encompassing goal.
Step 4 Execution of solutions
Since visions and business plans don’t go a long way without successful execution, we put in place all of the right mechanisms, processes and structures, and could manage execution to guarantee results.

Proven to deliver prompt results

Since 2007, we have established ourselves as a leading business consultancy in Dubai.

An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results and exceed expectations.

The Seven Wise Men’s management consultants in Dubai work side-by-side with your staffs to smoothly and systematically win their trust and support. When success happens dozens of times, that’s no accident, that’s a proven system.

If a business consultant can’t build its own strong brand, how could they possibly do a better job handling other peoples’ businesses?