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3 Things Matter When Choosing a Market Research Company: the Ability to Notice Things Others Don’t, Collecting Reliable and Accurate Data, and Actionable Insights.

market research

Many market research companies outsource parts of a report to external parties. This practice means that multiple parties are involved in the process; and therefore data pollution, mark-ups, superficial insights and incoherent goals take root.

As a result, researchers don’t have a firm grasp of the purpose and direction of the project, and lose the flexibility to search for, and to react to, new bits of info, on the fly.

Why Choose us

Our Approach

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The Seven Wise Men doesn’t outsource any component of the market research process; we’re your sole point of contact, and therefore we have the flexibility to react promptly to fresh information, and to move laterally and in new directions when talking to people. Being able to respond, on-the-spot, is the key to uncovering novel opportunities for you to seize.

Unexpected nuggets of timely insights can prove invaluable when it comes to long-term competitiveness, individuality, and the growth of your company.

This investigative approach to market research propels our accuracy and benefits you. We notice things others don’t and hit targets few can see.

Key Advantages Set Us Apart

1. Vertical Integration – No Outsourcing

We don’t outsource any component of the market research to outside parties such as freelancers and surveyors. This guarantees that there’s no data pollution, multiple points of contact or mark-ups
2. Higher Quality

We provide you with the most probable and realistic financial projections and non-financial expectations. We produce results and insights with minimum bias and risks
3. In-depth Metrics

Based on proprietary research and benchmarking studies, we provide you with anonymous and critical data such as expected volume of transactions, and average value, and average frequency of orders to name a few metrics only
4. Operational insights

When relevant, our research team puts in an extra effort to dissect your competition’s operational efficiency and business processes. Anonymous and critical bits of info such as the actual capacity of production, lot-size analysis, and other operational factors often make a lot of difference
5. Accuracy

For two decades, we have been building up our own data banks and we also rely on anonymous data sets provided by our consulting department. These two sets of data are then compared to figures collected from a third source of information (academic research) and a fourth one (paid research).

Cross-checking our findings between at least five data sources enables us to make the most realistic conclusions and projections for your business case

Approach to Data Collection, Analysis and Processing

Based on your project’s goals and requirements, The Seven Wise Men engages an appropriate mix of approaches to research that include quantitative and qualitative approaches, psychographic and demographic profiling, cross-cultural analysis, concept testing, advanced statistical methods, modelling and decision-making simulations in addition to many other tools.

A market research report that’s developed by The Seven Wise Men guarantees you these benefits:

market research methodology
  • Accurate, quick and reliable information
  • Invest in the right opportunities
  • Stronger credibility and reputation
  • Better contents for communication collaterals
  • Identification of latent internal gaps and opportunities
  • Prediction of, and setting new trends
  • Full integration with the sales and marketing strategy
  • Get benchmarks to reach

Proven Ability to Predict Trends

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When companies pioneer specific initiatives, they control the future direction of that commodity and enjoy higher profits for a longer time.

The ability to predict trends is one of our core strengths. It’s a quality that won our customers new sources of revenues and multiplied their market shares.

Since 2007, market research done by The Seven Wise Men has provided our clients’ decision makers and marketing managers with enough proofs, evidence, and expected benefits to launch many initiatives that became trends in their industries.

Our work was instrumental in launching these pioneering initiatives in different sectors:

Visioning and planning Capital investment value
New chain of plastic surgery centres [Confidential] USD +60 Million
Eversheen cosmetics and chain of stores USD 3.9 Million
Type of New Trend Set Company Name
Repositioning of anchor stores and shopping malls – 2008 Safeer Hypermarkets/Malls
Creation of new clothing chain of stores Iconic department stores – 2009
Online commerce for kitchenware and utensils – 2007 OXO
Visioning and planning Capital investment value
Waterfront tourist destination in Sharjah – 2010 AED 105 Million
Integrated theme park [Confidential] – 2018td> USD ++250 Million
Montreal Municipality, Quebec City, Canada – 2014 USD 2.2 Million
Type of New Trend Set Company Name
Outdoor gyms and hot yoga – 2010 Fitness 4 Life
Waterfront camping site – 2006 Dreamland Aqua Park

Acknowledged as One of The Best Market Research Companies

best business strategy consulting company in dubai

Since 2007, we have established ourselves as a leading marketing consultant company in Dubai.

An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results and exceed expectations.

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