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The aim of a marketing due diligence is to provide managers with a way of measuring the risks associated with a marketing strategy and its expected shareholder value creation.

Decision-makers feel they get accountability for their investments in ICT, production, and finance but fail to understand what their spending on marketing is realizing; return on marketing feels untouchable and slippery.

What any company needs is sound decisions about targeted customers and what key value propositions must be in place to gain permanent competitive advantages.

This is how we make sure that marketing strategy affects shareholder value:

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– Why is marketing due diligence a necessity

– Signs of a weak marketing strategy

– Definition of marketing due diligence

Often, there is a big difference between what top management sees marketing doing and what it needs: Senior managers perceive marketing’s focus to be on promotional and tactical activities rather than on core matters of strategy that generate shareholder wealth.
The Seven Wise Men deals with real issues that are guaranteed to highly impact shareholder value and lead to a return on investment that is many times over and above the cost of capital, having taken proper account of associated risks.
Our team is proven to focus on world-class marketing and product strategies that earn their place at the high table of the board of directors.

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Marketing due diligence is necessary

No business would consider making a substantial investment or acquisition without going an exhaustive and formal financial due diligence and appropriate risk assessment faced by the company. Yet, and as a matter of fact, the greatest risks for most organizations lie in their largely poorly reviewed marketing strategies.

The time has come for a similar process of due diligence to be conducted for marketing processes.

Who needs marketing due diligence?

The most common reasons to conduct a marketing audit are:

  • Lack of knowledge of customer behavior and attitudes
  • Poor market segmentation
  • Poor formal marketing planning procedures
  • Constant reductions in price
  • High reliance on price competitiveness
  • Short-term views of the role of promotions
  • High reliance on short-term and tactical steps

When you apply marketing due diligence process to existing marketing strategies and plans, it’s quasi-guaranteed to find that there are often gaps in the information supporting the resulting financial forecasts, and in the way how resources are allocated within a company.

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Definition of marketing due diligence

At its core, due diligence is a risk management exercise. It aims to uncover potential threats and undisclosed details relating to marketing strategy.

Marketing due diligence begins with explicating the marketing strategy, which is often implicit and unclear even to those who need to implement it. The new explicit strategy is then assessed for market risk, share risk and profit risk:

Risk analysis tackles three key issues:

  1. “Is the market as big as expected?”
  2. “Will the marketing strategy achieve the predicted market share?”
  3. “Will the expected financial return be achieved?”

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Guaranteed benefits

– Profit improvement– Productivity improvement
– Better asset utilization– Sales growth
– Better product mix– Better sales mix
– Take market share from competitors– Deeper market penetration
– Reach new segments– Add new markets
– Invest in new types of assets– Divest non-performing assets

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