Marketing Strategy Planning

In Pursuit of Market Share, 2 Things Make The Difference: Creating Opportunities and a Distinctive Identity

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Sometimes, marketers express dissatisfaction with a below-average ROI on marketing spend, effectiveness and value creation.

Many may also be disillusioned with the strategic, creative, and quality of their marketing programs.

If you’re looking for marketing talent, let us assist you fill that gap.

What’s a Strategic Marketing Plan

Unique Features

Marketing Excellence

Award-winning Consultancy

Get cutting-edge marketing strategies that capture the hearts and minds of audiences. Based on performance-related fees*, we guarantee that our contribution will multiply your market share, revenues and profits by manifolds (*terms and conditions apply)

The Seven Wise Men is an acclaimed marketing consulting company.

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results.

Who Needs a Strategic Marketing Plan?

The need for a strategic marketing plan is most acute for companies facing these challenges: a small customer base, thin margins and unsold inventories. Other weaknesses include generic positioning, high waste in marketing spend and poor to no innovation record.

What is a Strategic Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan analyses all existing and future sales and marketing programs using qualitative and quantitative tools. It answers 5 key questions:

strategic planning

Our strategic marketing consultants assist companies to put in place the right marketing processes and support structures that turn a company’s vision into outcomes at a fraction of the cost and time, and many times the revenues and the quality of work. Our marketing strategy consultants apply the following methodology:

marketing strategy plan

You can think of a strategic marketing plan as a roadmap you use to navigate a territory. Another way is to look at it is to consider a car that’s equipped with the right tire size. Fitting a vehicle with the wrong tire size puts it at the risk of going very slowly, or at serious hazards or total loss.

What Sets us Apart

We built our own strong brand; if a marketing advisor cannot build their own top brand, would they do a better job handling other peoples’ companies?

1. Speed, ROI and Quality of Work 2. Innovation 3. We are Marketing Strategy Specialists
We listen well, and then deep-dive to investigate matters before crafting *genuinely meaningful* solutions that *work*.

Outsmart your competition. Impress and be impressed by innovative, strategic and quality solutions with many times the impact and revenues, at a fraction of the time and costs

Reasons to select us
We are problem-finders who discover new questions and then answer them. This investigative approach to marketing propels our creativity and benefits you.

Based on profound internal and external analyses, we come up with the winning value proposition and unique positioning strategy. We notice things others don’t and hit targets few can see

Case studies
What’s the “Chrono/Substance” Framework?
The Seven Wise Men is a consulting company that focuses exclusively on providing strategic marketing plans in a variety of sectors

Our service range doesn’t include graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, SEO and other ancillary media production services.

The Seven Wise Men is a marketing consulting company that focuses exclusively on providing strategic marketing plans in a variety of sectors. Our service range doesn’t include graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, SEO and other ancillary media production services. While these are useful tools; they are only tools and we are create and implement marketing strategies. The clear and absolute separation between planning and, producing, media and marketing strategies set a day and night difference to a company’s quality of marketing, results and performances. A weak marketing plan that is generously funded and well produced is a proven recipe to waste precious resources

Excellence at Improving Marketing Programs

The Seven Wise Men splits its contribution into three groups:

1. The Environment2. The System 3. The Marketing Mix
– Market research
– Operational insights
– Professional marketers

We do not outsource market research to outside parties. Therefore no data pollution or multiple points of contact take roots.

Our surveyors are skilled marketers who have the ability to ask the right questions and get valid results. They approach issues from different angles to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

With us, you get unique and profound insights such as the average value and frequency of orders just to name a few
– Data
– Processes

We cross-check our data across at least 5 different data sources to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability.

We can restructure a company’s internal marketing processes, which leads to valuable competitive advantages your competition can’t replicate.
– Product
– Price
– Place
– Promotion
– Personnel
– Packaging

Award-winning Marketing Strategy Campaigns

An international award, media appearances, and proofs back The Seven Wise Men’s commitment to deliver results that exceed expectations.

We have created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a marketing strategy consulting firm cannot clearly develop its own strong brand name; would it do a better job in handling other peoples’ businesses?

Trusted in Launching Multi-million Dollar Projects

Our team has worked on some of the region’s most interesting projects and set new trends.

Since 2007, market strategies that we conceptualized from scratch have provided our clients with enough proofs and evidence as well as expected benefits to launch multi-million dollar initiatives that have become trends in their industries:

Visioning and planning Capital investment value
New chain of plastic surgery centres [Confidential] USD +60 Million
Eversheen cosmetics and chain of stores USD 3.9 Million
Type of New Trend Set Company Name
Repositioning of anchor stores and shopping malls – 2008 Safeer Hypermarkets/Malls
Creation of new clothing chain of stores Iconic department stores – 2009
Online commerce for kitchenware and utensils – 2007 OXO
Visioning and planning Capital investment value
Waterfront tourist destination in Sharjah – 2010 AED 105 Million
Integrated theme park [Confidential] – 2018td> USD ++250 Million
Montreal Municipality, Quebec City, Canada – 2014 USD 2.2 Million
Type of New Trend Set Company Name
Outdoor gyms and hot yoga – 2010 Fitness 4 Life
Waterfront camping site – 2006 Dreamland Aqua Park

Guaranteed Gains

– Multiply market share– Multiply returns on marketing spend
– Achieve distinctive positioning and image– Higher visibility and loyalty
– Create real and permanent wealth– Maintain the best-selling/high-margin goods and services
– Use your assets to the fullest– Multiply inquiries and closing rates
– Predict and set trends– High-penetration rate into market segments
– Expand your customer base– High-quality new key accounts
– Higher average contract value– Higher frequency of purchase