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Fund Raising

In Raising Funds, 2 Things will Make The Difference: an Investor Pitch and Connections

fund raising

A strong business case is critical to any project.

  1. It must represent the project fairly and objectively
  2. It must speak to stakeholders in a convenient language
  3. Assess the viability of the project and proves the benefits
  4. Demonstrate personal capabilities to lead the project up to a successful end

An project holder may have a perfectly sound idea but fails to address all aspects of the project or communicate it in an effective way that does it justice.

Failure to address an investor’s expectations often ends-up driving away a hard-sought after financier.

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Components of a funding pitch
Oftentimes, project holders may look at the project from a narrow perspective that focuses on financial and technical metrics at the detriment of many other important economic, commercial and managerial factors; a fact that eventually dampens an investors’ interest. A strong business case is critical to any new investment project. First, it must represent the project fairly and objectively but in an attractive way that speaks to stakeholders in a language they like to be spoken with. Secondly, a financing pitch assesses the viability of the project and proves the benefits to stakeholders in a transparent fashion

Funds Raised

Fund Raising 1

The Seven Wise Men’s team of business consultants in Dubai was instrumental in arranging multi-million Dollar deals.

Priorities in Raising Funds

Every investor is unique and has particular demands, expectations, and preferences when a project is being contemplated. When developing a business case and raising funds, these are the top priorities on our minds:

Fund Raising 2
  • What’s the key goal the stakeholder expects to realize after investing in this venture?
  • What gains, skills or know-how is the stakeholder planning to acquire from it?
  • Has a market gap analysis been done?
  • At which life cycle is the target industry at: growth, maturity, or decline?
  • What are the short and long-term barriers to new market entries?
  • What are the long-term prospects? and the expected market demand size?

The Seven Wise Men utilizes a wide range of analysis tools and auditing techniques to investigate and assess credibility and to answer both questions. We have recourse to the best technical experts to assist in highly-specialized areas.

Proven Advantages

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  • Highest fidelity and correlation between documentation and reality
  • Highly representative financial and non-financial analyses
  • Integrated, clear, and sharp understanding of the project
  • Represent the interests of the project holder and the stakeholders fairly
  • Document the project in a crisp, short and interesting way
  • Maximize approval possibilities for funding
  • Gain trust; people want to meet people, not listen to a wooden language

The Seven Wise Men is an independent and objective consultancy that evaluates all aspects of an investment to define results and returns that allow stakeholders to invest with the most confidence and guarantees; and for project holders to access the resources they were promised.

We assist our clients to target a much wider pool of prospects based on a systematic approach that appeals to institutional investors (such as venture capitalists, investment angels), a fact that opens up valuable new opportunities for project holders.