Business Strategy Planning

In Chasing Performance, 2 Things Matter: Ability to Shape the Future – Not the Past – and Getting The Support of People Involved.

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Sometimes, the right processes, structures and controls needed to turn a vision into reality are not in place – A clear roadmap (or a strategic plan) is missing.

Imagining the future but not having the right tools nor resources are some companies’ Achilles’ heels.

A Stratgic Plan is Not A Business Plan

Reasons to Select us

Our Process

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We are problem-solvers specializing in figuring out the deep structure of any strategic or operational challenge you might be facing before proceeding to match a solution to it.

We take complex challenges; contain them, break them down, make them manageable and solvable before turning them into something useful.

The Seven Wise Men is an acclaimed team of strategic planners.

In a world of promises, The Seven Wise Men delivers actions and results.

Who Needs a Strategic Plan?

The need for a strategic plan is vital for businesses facing challenges such as: lengthy lead times and order-to-delivery times, or low labour, capital and materials added-value or little to no economies or scale and scope.

Under-utilized assets and small-lot production are some of the other key obstacles a strategic plan solves.

A Strategic Plan is Not a Business Plan

A strategic plan is not a business plan, which is a much broader document and more of an aspirational document.

  • A business plan states what a business is about and why it has value in the market, while
  • The strategic plan, in contrast, contains an action plan with specific objectives and due dates as well as setting out who is responsible for what.

A strategic plan analyses current and future operating programs and capital investment projects using qualitative and quantitative tools. It answers key questions:

strategic planning

A strategic plan assists you to put in place the right processes and support structures that turn your vision into results at a fraction of the time and cost, and many times the quality of work and revenues.

One way to look at strategic planners is to think of business auditors who audit an entire company’s operating performance, or ones who audit the performance of a single department or the efficiency of a single process. Not having a strategic plan is similar to navigating unknown territory without a map. You can also think of a car that has its wheels in poor conditions or of the wrong size – such a vehicle risks going nowhere. Worse still, it risks having accidents or a total loss.

A strategic plan facilitates for people to have a common and clear understanding of the corporate strategy and its implications for them on a granular level. It spreads horizontally across marketing, finance, inventory, sales, procurement, production, capital budgeting, cash flows and personnel in order to correlate between different key success factors, as illustrated below:

Business Strategy Planning 1

When developing a strategic plan, we have these factors as top priorities:

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A Specialist Consultancy: Reasons to Select Us

Advantages that make a real difference to you:

– A focused range of services
– No testing – No waiting
– Award-winning consultants
– Brand-building expertise
– Innovation
– Experience in 11 countries
– Accuracy and reliability
– A 360-degree methodology
– Universal insights
– Local know-how
– Execution of solutions
– Grounded individuals
– Broad thinking
– Self-financing solutions
– Prompt actions and results
– Talent and skills
– Over 20 years experience

The Seven Wise Men focuses exclusively on developing and executing strategic plans and control systems. Our service range doesn’t include ancillary functions such as M&A, investments, accounting and auditing, new business setup, ISO certification, financial analysis, or

human resources or training among other services. While these are important tools and services, we are a focused consulting business, working to help you create a strong brand, and competitive and profitable company.

What We Are Not

  • We are not single-minded hyper-specialists who are entrenched in their own ways/beliefs
  • We are not over-specialists who extend their skils to face uncertainty and fail at exhorbitant costs to you
  • We do not have the meltdown-inducing over-confidence of hyper-specialists
  • We are not captive of “paper-solutions” and repetitions of what has been experienced in the past in overseas markets
  • We do not mentally classify a problem only by superficial and overtly stated features, and then jump right in with memorized procedures that were effective in other workplaces, but are highly likely to be inadequate for yours.
This “One-fits-all” approach to solution-finding drives the majority of business advisors to become single-minded, individualistic, over-confident, and so entrenched in their own ways and beliefs that make them rigid under pressure. In business, no two moments or things are ever the same; circumstances are as individual as fingerprints. Over-learnt specialists tend to promptly lose purpose and direction in uncertain environments or when they face ill-defined new challenges. The future takes a free conversation, exploration, and questioning assumptions. Ideas grow from mere floating particles in the stream of talk, data, broad thinking, and wide perspectives. In life and business, no two moments or things are ever the same; circumstances are as individual as fingerprints. Over-learnt specialists tend to promptly lose purpose and direction in uncertain environments or when they face ill-defined new challenges. Oftentimes, experts bend reality to suit theories instead of showing resilience and flexibility in the face of uncertainty, of which the future is all about. We are a team of successful problem-solvers specializing in figuring out the deep structure of any problem you might be facing before proceeding to match a strategy to it. We take complex challenges; contain them, break them down, make them manageable and solvable before turning them into something useful. Building on our world-class research, profound resourcefulness, systemic discipline, and actual knowledge how to take actions on-site, we develop innovative and timeless value propositions for every client we partner with.

Sectors we Serve

– Travel and Tourism
– Recreation and Wellness
– Freight and Logistics
– Healthcare
– Manufacturing
– Real estate and Contracting
– Advanced Technologies
– Healthcare
– Retail and Wholesale
– Education
– Media

As a specialist strategic planning and control consultancy, The Seven Wise Men does not focus exclusively on a single sector for a few reasons:

  1. We pool talents of professionals in the different sectors we target
  2. The flair, datasets, skills and a 360-degree approach (which we have accumulated over two decades) enable us to tackle strategic planning and control with composed confidence and fail-safe measures and contingency plans
3. As broad thinkers, we resort to analogical thinking to take knowledge from one domain and apply it creatively to another to avoid single-mindedness, tunnel-visions and detachment from reality. Expertise per se is finite (i.e. one can only achieve a specific amount of efficiencies and improvements before incremental returns start to decrease and become negative and negligible); while breadth (resourcefulness, creativity, innovation and broad thinking) are infinite.

An Effective Process

strategic plan process

Step 1 Situation assessment

We evaluate each department’s performance against potential, as well as workflows inside and in between divisions and people. Our assessments touch upon key success factors.

Step 2 Data analysis

We collect data and insights from inside and outside the company, allowing us to measure current performances against potentials and benchmarks.

Step 3 Master planning

Our team ensures that ideas are carefully validated, and plans are well developed. We align needs across a company’s different divisions and people in order to eliminate bottlenecks, gaps and leaks. We set overall objectives and sub-goals, suggest ways to re-engineer and improve processes. A master-plan and detailed plans are put in place to delimit every individual’s tasks, and actions.

We evaluate assets, programs and strategies in the context of current market conditions and consumer behaviour as opposed to expected and unfulfilled future buyer needs and the most realistic and useful trends. Then, we use the resulting analysis to craft genuinely innovative solutions to plan exponential growth.

Step 4 Execution of solutions

Since visions and business plans don’t go a long way without successful execution, we can manage execution to guarantee results, on-time, and on-budget, as expected.

Step 5 Control systems

Each and every strategic plan we develop is accompanied by mechanisms to identify on time, future variances from goals along with their root causes using information and performance measurement systems.

Extent of Benefits

Business Strategy Planning 2
Full integrationYour company’s different departments will serve and fulfil each other’s plans
Better budgetingGet the most accurate operating budgets and more appropriate allocation of resources
Coherence and competencyNurture long-term thinking and the formation of competent people who work toward coherent goals
– Long-term orientationYour business’ short-term programs will be framed to contribute directly to the overall desired results
– Reduced costs– New points of sale– Minimum cost per sales lead
– More revenues– Higher closing rate– Higher returns on media campaigns
– Shorter time-to-profitability– Maximum asset utilization– Optimum lot-size production
– Expanded product and service assortments– Create new brands or revamp existing ones– Wider customer base
– Produced strong export commodities – Higher company valuation – Produce strong export commodities
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Recognized Strategic Planners

As one of the most effective strategic business consultancies in Dubai, an international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results, on-time.

We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot clearly develop its own strong company; is it conceivable that they can do a better job handling other people’s businesses?