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Substance is Our North Star

Results through Substance =

Accumulate knowledge +

Know how to apply it +

Courage to act on that knowledge

Three factors guide our efforts to create genuine and permanent new Results and Substance: People, Relevance and Utility. The Seven Wise Men stands for the following values:

We only focus on developing strategic business plans in a variety of industries and markets (without providing ancillary services such as accounting, new business set up, digital marketing etc.)
We don’t have the meltdown-inducing over-confidence of hyper-specialists and reality-detached over-rationalists
We leave no stone unturned. We are relentless in securing and validating data from 5 different sources at least
Validate approach to problem-solving and new value creation from multiple angles
We Analyse – Plan – Test – Execute – Evaluate. We’ve done all the necessary testing, so that you don’t have to. In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results
We are the first-prize winner of the prestigious “Excellence in Marketing Campaigns” awards organized by the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing department (DTCM) and the UK-based REED Exhibitions
Unique data-driven approaches to understanding and impacting the purchase behaviors of multinational audiences; in addition to proprietary market benchmarking studies and data analytics tools
We create self-financing solutions: our approach pays for itself in saved costs and increased revenues
We assist our clients to implement solutions in order to guarantee results on-time, as expected
We created our own strong brand to demonstrate our capabilities. If a business consultant can’t build its own brand, would it do a better job handling other people’s businesses?
We bring commitment as of Day1 of our involvement. Expect results to start rolling after one month too
Proven to create bespoke, real and permanent wealth by sponsoring novel and sound ideas that break new grounds and literally set new trends

What we are not

  • We are not single-minded hyper-specialists who are entrenched in their own ways/beliefs
  • We are not over-specialists who extend their skils to face uncertainty and fail at exhorbitant costs to you
  • We do not have the meltdown-inducing over-confidence of hyper-rationalists
  • We are not captive of “paper-solutions” and repetitive patterns of what has been experienced in the past, in controlled environments, where patterns repeat themselves
  • We do not mentally classify a problem only by superficial and overtly stated features, and then jump right in with memorized procedures that were effective in other workplaces, but are highly likely to be inadequate for yours

This “One-fits-all” approach to solution-finding drives the majority of business advisors to become single-minded, individualistic, over-confident, and so entrenched in their own ways and beliefs that make them rigid under pressure.

In business, no two moments or things are ever the same; circumstances are as individual as fingerprints. Over-learnt specialists tend to promptly lose purpose and direction in uncertain environments or when they face ill-defined new challenges.

To us, business means relationships with people first:
– Our confidence in what we do manifests itself in the neat and clear way we work with our clients. This allows us to establish goodwill early on and gain their trust.
– We work with diverse management styles and cultures and we navigate social and cultural norms to reach business goals.
– We believe in human capital. Our strategies capitalize on empowering people to unlock their potential.
– We maintain integrity, independence, objectivity, and ethics at all times. We ensure a healthy distance from projects to be able to offer fresh viewpoints.
– Knowledge is acquired by understanding people, markets and data.
– We don’t seek immediate or material gains. We strive to deliver meaningful work that brings tangible results for our clients, and makes us proud.

What’s in A Name?

the seven wise men about us

As CEO of the company, the most common question Fadi gets asked when meeting with a new client, vendor or a friend is this:

“Why did you choose to name a company “The Seven Wise Men”?”

4 short words and 1 artwork summarize a lifetime journey, a career path, a value system and a sales pitch.

  • The first word “The” is a pronoun that points forward to a defining quality.
  • “Seven” is Fadi’s lucky number.
  • Wisdom is the most precious thing he could have asked for after a lifetime of highs and low. The word “Wise” embodies the conclusion our CEO ended up with after switching from being an emotional Oriental national to a rational person who lived in North America. As Fadi put it: “I saw the faces of both; Reason/Emotion; East/West, and then I came up with my conclusions”.
  • “Men” is inclusive of Mankind.
  • In “The Seven Wise Men”, four simple words come together to deconstruct, and then fuse to reveal a thicker plot with quasi-mythical and visual undertones. Lest not disregard the fact that Fadi is an avid fan of the Japanese culture.

The logo, an arrow broken into halves, refers to a wisdom literature that’s common to the Middle East, India, the Far East and Greece. It tells of an

impartial judge who announces a judgment, which sounds absurd to the untrained eye; but one that’s extremely reasonable and – wait for it, wise. Some associate the story of wisdom with revered sages of ancient Eastern kingdoms while others trace it back to the times of the shoguns in Japan. Still, some people associate it with pearl divers who leave everything behind in search of one or a few precious pearls of wisdom. In The Seven Wise Men, we have a saga that instantly resonates well and meshes with Eastern and Western cultures. Four simple words convey a universal message with localized interpretations. On a more mundane level, these four simple words make up an instant ice-breaker and talking points to get a conversation started when networking or pitching a deal. It’s also an instant exercise in demonstrating brand-building expertise right from the moment we first shake hands.

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