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Fadi Jirjis
Chief Executive Officer

A Thought Leadership Journey; and Actions

At an early stage of his life, Fadi was involved in managing his family’s business, a company that used to import, distribute and export goods and services between Europe and the Middle East.

Having acquired in-depth experience in sales and marketing and management for more than 14 years, commerce became a second nature to Fadi. He decided to major in Economics and then in Banking and Finance to add good corporate governance and financial management to his set of skills.

Fadi is a conceptualizer, a type of personality that is equally intuitive and rational, creative and pragmatic. Conceptualizers are global thinkers who are naturally driven and excel at turning visions into realities. With an inquisitive mind that appreciates suggestions, he always tries to explore alternatives before making informed decisions and moving on and up.

As an individual driven by performance and results, Fadi identified weaknesses and threats that were common to his home country’s business community and economy and by extension to many other economies.

Despite a few encouraging trials, Fadi realized that he was unable to trigger change in his home country and so he moved to Dubai. He launched his own consulting business in the city that fast-tracked the development of his mindset and skillset and triggered an irrepressible appetite for more international exposure. After a decade of success, he wound up his company and moved to North America in quest for challenge.

Following a progressive journey in North America where Fadi advanced the professional development of his consultancy practice, he returned to the UAE to launch The Seven Wise Men, a top-tier consulting firm, with a vision of franchising regionally and internationally.

Fast forward to today and The Seven Wise Men is a leader with capabilities and practices that match the highest international benchmarks in consulting.


  • Fadi has a B.A. in Banking and Finance and a Diploma in Economics.
  • He is a certified business consultant by the Canadian Ministry of Education.
  • Fadi enjoys traveling and has visited many countries stretching from the North Pole to the deserts and the tropics.
  • He is an author who features on prominent print and digital media.
  • Fadi maintains a socio-political blog and he enjoys writing. He has written two books to be published soon.
  • Fadi is adventurous and athletic with special interest in running, swimming and martial arts.
  • Fadi is a family man and respect means the world to him. He believes any problem can be solved when people are respectful to each other, honest and well-intentioned.
  • Fadi is fluent in Arabic, English and French and speaks basic Spanish and Japanese.
  • He has a strong network of connections with investors, suppliers, businessmen and import/export agents across the MENA region, Africa, Eastern Europe and Canada.